Amazing horse shoe walk on Megan’s birthday, great family and friends raising funds to help seriously ill children and their families 🗻. Without the amazing support we couldn’t do anything.

Thank you for walking, sponsoring sharing repping at all counts.


March 2023

The Foundation has now supplied 88 air purifiers to children fighting critical illness. The purifiers kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria in the air, which is essential when fighting disease.

We continue to fund raise to support vulnerable children and endeavour to supply as many purifiers as we possibly can.  They make a huge difference to a young persons life.  

We are proud to have offered personal training, life coaching and professional emotional support to many of our families that are struggling. This has been made possible by the amazing support we have from our community.

We also support a few very important charities, Latch, The Teenage Cancer Trust and Dreams and Wishes, all of whom were a part of Megs journey.

We are here to support you

We are here to support seriously ill children and their families, in many ways. We offer counselling sessions to help you through this difficult time. We have also supplied many air purifiers to help children whose immune systems are struggling after treatment. If you have a specific need for help please send us details of how we can support you and your family.

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The Megan Mai Foundation

It is so incredibly hard to write about Megs, with the heartache of her not being here with us. We are still reeling from the loss, and still struggle to accept the cruel reality of it all. There can never be enough words to capture the utter devastation of losing our brave and beautiful girl, who was aged only 15.

Our girl Megan Mai Jones was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in March 2015, on her 12th birthday.

This was a life-changing blow for a fit and healthy, happy, football-mad young girl, who was so full of life. It was equally devastating for us as parents, for her brother Morgan, and for all of Megs close family and friends.

True to Megs style, she regained composure and faced her battles head on. She began an unbelievably tough journey of treatments, operations, pain, fear, sickness and isolation from life as she knew it. Finally, after two years of gruelling chemotherapy, Megs came through it and was in remission. At last, normal teenage life slowly began to resume and dreams and ambitions were in sight.


October 2018 and Megs became unwell. Tests confirmed our darkest fear and we were devastated to be told that the Leukaemia had returned. Megs was admitted to the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit in Cardiff, and she spent months isolated there due to the severity of her symptoms and the aggressive nature of the treatment.

This time it was more punishing, a much harder fight.

Megs picked up repeated and continuous infections and bugs in her system. Each time she continued to fight, and we continued to encourage and push her to keep going, we prayed and clung to every bit of hope we could muster. Every time she was knocked down she defeated the odds and somehow fought back. She was a fighter, she was a warrior, she never gave up.

She became so overwhelmed with infections that her body had nothing left to fight with. After weeks spent on Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, we had to accept the agonising truth that nothing more could be done.

We lost our beautiful girl on 28th February 2019.

I have no words to describe the feelings.. or the numbness.. or the horror. The pain of losing her is raw and it does not get easier. At times it feels like I am ‘outside of myself’, like I am talking about someone else’s life, this just cannot be real?

Megan Mai Jones was kind, she was funny, she had such a wicked sense of humour, and contagious laughter. She was beautiful inside and out. She had strength and determination, and a lifetime of dreams and goals already mapped out in her young but focused mind.

She was talented in sports, arts and photography. She loved football, a Liverpool fan to the core! She would practice and practice to perfect her football skills, and she had a natural talent and passion for it.

Megs always loved a project, and we would spend many times throwing around ideas for what we would do next. When she was ill she had a vision to create something to help others, and one of her goals was to create a sports clothing brand of her own.

As I mentioned, Megs also loved art and photography. She had planned to pursue these studies in college, and yet again had a natural talent and passion for it. I have so many of her drawings and photographs saved, which bring me some comfort and fill me with such pride.

One of these images has been incorporated onto a clothing range, a brand called Mai90, which has been created as part of The Megan Mai Foundation. We have our own Facebook and Instagram pages, and support is growing steadily. Although still in the early stages, we have sold many items such as T-shirts, beanie hats, hoodies, etc. with lots more in the planning. 


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